Frequently Asked Questions

What happens?
We sit around at big tables and play modern board games together.  Some people bring their own games with them and we all sit down to play – with a brief explanation on how to play.

Who do the games belong to?
People attending bring their own games for us all to play.

How much does it cost?

We play for free.  Drinks and food can be purchased form the venue (Chapter) bar.  Euro boardgames are expensive, so we ask that you refrain form eating whilst playing, take care with drinks and not drop tokens, etc. on the floor!  Those bringing games appreciate the occasional drink from those playing their games!

I am nervous about coming on my own…

That’s understandable, but we are genuinely a welcoming and friendly group of people. You won’t be on your own for long! If you are wary, just drop in for a quick look if you like.  Once you’ve seen us, we’re sure you’ll want to stop a while.  We are the people with board games on the table and cups of tea, coffee and the odd pint.

Do I have to learn lots of rules? It sounds complicated…
It’s rare that you will ever have to read a rulebook.  Typically, someone will explain how the game works and what you do. If you want, you’ll be coached along with useful suggestions.  We do expect you to take an active role and pay attention. If you don’t like what you’ve just played, we’ll pick another game more suited to your tastes.  Most of the games are very easy to learn and play.  The complications are the players, what will they decide to do?

Should I bring my own games?
Everyone is welcome to bring their Euro Board Games, but feel free to come empty-handed.